i m back xDD

隔了这样久没有写了。。。其实是那个sampat por讲miss我的blog。。。。 (不要骂我!)

7,8,9/12(genting trip)

me wait tis day wait ka neck pun long liao....finally tis day is reach ler...genting trip wiv my best frenssss!!!
in the bus we like siao kia aneh...c tio ferrari jh shout ka like gv ppl 打枪 aneh...but after a while all ppl slp ki liao..left me , dean , jh , steven bo slp nia...me keep laugh ...finally my 喉咙痛 liao...cham nia...
agak agak afternoon aneh tio reach genting ler...very excited...thn we go check in...be4 in the hotel room...jh or steven(limpek 4get liao) kok kok the door ...wan ''good bro'' maii kacau kacau us...
thn we tio gamble lor couz ntg to do...foong kor kor keep win d...thn turn me do ''zhong'' liao...keep lose..waste rm10++ ..xim tia nia...thn ntg to do keep sms wiv her lor...

Night all bo slp...onli daniel them slp ka like pig aneh nia...we at outside room ply poker lor....damn funny...keep laugh...thn dean n wz guai lan...go scare daniel thm ...gv xn scold back...thn agak agak 4am++ we go McDonald eat eat ...thn me n jh go back room slp agak 15min tio gv thm kacau wake up ler..thn ready go outdoor ply ler...we ply all 刺激 d game~~~finish liao baru ka 12pm nia...
thn go burger king eat...48 exp but yummy xDDD
thn all back hotel slp ler...
dean say 2pm aneh wan wake up ler...tapi slp ka 5pm~6pm++...say wan early wake up d si dean...tape mist late wake up d pun si dean...
nite we all go food court eat....thn go ply boling xDDD 48 syok ~~~thn go starbuck kapsiao until 3am++
thn continue go outside room ply...tis time gv ppl complain ...tat 2 ppl 赶 us back room slp
thn we bak room drink beer ....thn all slp ler
left me beh slp...thn me call benben kapsiao...steven pun come oso....a while nia steven slp ki ler...turn jh wake up pui me n ben ben kapsiao....thn finally all slp liao...

Next morning wan back ler TT
damn bo gam buan aneh...
we go eat breakfast~thn me pui steven go highlands thr do thing...dean thr go ply initial D
thn go bus stop thr wait bus....thn back ler...
after few hour...reach penang ler...thn keep walk walk walk...walk ka me pek chek...wan du lan liao...ko aneh hungry ko wan walk aneh far...finally got bus come ler...
thn we go oldtown eat dinner...thn arh boon come find us.....eat finish liao me n boon walk back home liao...


Tang Hup Mu Doo Kwan Grading
19/12 is my grading day....very 紧张....
lucky got my best frens..-wei zhu -cheng liang thm acc me
me 7am go heng ee worm up ler...
thn keep pattern pattern...from yellow blet to green belt...thn to blue belt....thn last is brown 1
thn Master CK Leong lai ler...tat is my idol~~~
thn start grading ler...紧张+兴奋 >.<
still got long time thn turn to me...
me go other place training ...
thn after a while...
turn me ler...
me normal normal...i think no wrong step gua..
thn fnish ler...48 喘...
thn change one step ler....
tat chen liang duno wan kill me or hami...
flying turning come...hiam hiam hit tio my head ...lucky me hiam tio....
thn tio aneh finish ler...Master CK Leong suddenly wan sparring
chen laing eh kick 48 got power...my hand 48 pain ...but must say sry to chen liang ...me 不小心 block tio ur kick n use power...sry... TT
thn tio teach us some teknik.....thn finsih ler me n wz go eat thing


Steamboat + prg mall
laz laz fri me n my cousin go prg mall ply inital D
mana tau reach thr liao ka noe ting ting thr boom ==
all worker buzy to clean thr floor...
thn i saw ppl at thr ply tat game catch fish d....very cut3
thn me n my cousin curi go inside ply xDDD
ply ka half nia we go eat lunch....thn bak thr continue ply
until 7pm ler my mum come fetch us go eat steamboat ler.
me very like to eat steamboat
reach thr ler hvn pay moni me tio go take food ler...got lala...beef...pork...meet...sandwich n many many
thn eat ka 9pm aneh back home ler...




dun keep scold me bad word
say me simi lj oso maii
u duno many thing dun at thr kao pek kao bo
i oso dun wan say anything
u wan scold tio man man scold
me canot go out tio si canot go out
me oso maii d
if me cn go me maii go mie?
me NOT aeroplane couz me ver say i cn go

msn meeting =)

tis few day
every nite msn meeting wiv dean...jh...steven...ben ben =D
dean d ghost story very funny xD make me laugh ka beh stop
me n ben ben oso ply miss call =D
me scare tio gv tat mee 烫 tio TT
lucky me oso call ben ben scare ben ben =PP
laz few day me...dean...jh...ben ben ply [接龙]
jh 1 round tio game over le xDD
thn ply ar ply ar ply ...
me tio off le...gv jh hlp me ply  =)

bbq =}

1120 go ben ben hse bbq
keep gv thm take water shoot us
thn we go bbq le
my chicken wing ~~~~~
damn sad
mmy chicken wing wet 3 time
finally bo eat tio TT
laz time ko gv thm take water chase me wiv my chicken wing TT



ytd very syok =)
chat wiv dean and steven zaii until mignidht 3am++
tis call bood bro <3
me n ti teaching steven teknik ><
steven ar...dun 4get 25/11
tat time u will noe hu is sejarah le =]

BEN BEN attention plz~~~~
ti call dean not deab ><
1113 me mayb oso bo go liao
so me maii boom ur bridge le~~~~no nid thx me ~~~~
i oso u m a mature guy lai..
so no nid say out~~~
ltr me become rainbow colour ki ><


thx to ben ben

thx 4 u edit d wedding pic~~
make me paiseh nia
my face ald become rainbow colour jor ><
one important thing~~~
i wan boom ur bridge liao
lalalala~~~~~come hit me la~~~
one new msg 4 u
{i wont fall down at skate thr when u see me =P
bla bla bla~~~}


prg mall day =) 6/11

yahoo!ytd go prg mall shopping~~~~
buy le hat...pant...shoe...
very syok + happy + tired





(有点幼稚...参某某人太多了>< )

nick b'day ><(30.10.2010)

happy b'day nick!!!!
old liao old liao xDDDD

i love tat b'day cake n pizza ...yummy !!!

all become panda ><
yummy~~~~hu wan eat??><

anyone wan cut my tongue?


daniel cute lur~~

1...2...3...nick bye bye~~

my leg!!!jian hao~~~

arh lun back liao xD

long time no write blog lur ><
4get how to use le ...
lucky got best frensss teach me
thx lao ah yi (xiao xuan)...thx ben ben...thx dean....><


happy day

ytd night me go 庙会 c tio 老夫子 n 大番薯 they n two dancer dance break , so funny ...many ppl at thr so hot after 庙会 we go c concert ,so lucky i c genie 卓文宣,daniel 李杰汉 n 神木与瞳 at thr !!!! when 神木与瞳 come out ... all ppl high!!!they sing 为你而活 n 守护者 thn finish le ...me oso back i m so happy cn c 神木与瞳 sing !!!xD 2day night wan go c 游行 nth to say le, bye


boring day

long time no write blog le ...
2day so sienz ,after go sch back so tired but still nid go ttn!!!!!
at ttn always ''tu ku'' but teacher dunoe ...2day ttn trelyon n adrian no go me so boring at thr ...ytd night go ou eat ...walao e tat italy mee so big size me on ppl cnot eat finish TT

last week noe new frdz le ...pretty girl lai d ...dun say me ham sap ...all boy oso tat d xD


sad day

2day bm period we while class go 'pah jiam' .when me waiting at outside me got a litle scare,scare ltr pain or not...
but tis time 'pah jiam' not so pain ...got a bit pain nia...thn when kah dong 'pah jiam' kah dong shout at there...so kuai lan...
thn chun ti so funny ,after finish 'pah jiam' he dunoe ,still stand at there steam steam d...make me laugh ^^
thn after sch me nid stay at sch to ttn...but me ponteng n back to home sleep...den me wake up...i feel my hand so pain...
nth to say le .bye bye xD


Thursday n Saturday 2010

2day 4pm go rumah sukan ,me ,xian nian ,chun ti ,yong chong ,wei zhu them ply at field....
argh!!!2day got sch!!!nid wake up early!!!
2day so kaolat ,tio tang siew ling punish we stand whole period n tio minus my kerja khusus!!!
BM period me oso din bring peribahsa paper ,but luckly teacher din use tat paper xD
2moro go gurney c the sry next door thn go redbox celebrate dennis birthday...
Happy birthday ,dennis... ^^


wednesday 2010

2day same like every day ,go sch....
2day got 周会 ...
when finish 周会 ,we all walk bak to class ,but kaolat nia...me tio catch my shoe tail ...
thn tio perfect record my sch number ...
at english period ,tat yong chong n wei zhe so funny ...ply at class...finally they all fall down to floor...
thn nothing happen le ...dunoe wan write wat ...bye xD



long time no write blog le ...
2day wan start agn le...
2day , nth happen ,talk abt tyc ,juz morning go his house ,he still no wake up ...dunoe he yesterday ply dota until when ,finally he wake up thn we go sch together... but juz at sch tyc oso funny ,dunoe how to sit chair ,sit until fall down...
n the sc teacher oso funny , always say tat funny thing...
after back sch , bath thn eating ...thn juz nw back from peraggin mall...take my hp ...repir 2week finally complete...syok^^
haiz ...2moro nid go sch agn ...after back from sch wan go ttn ...sienz...
dunow write wat le ,bye all^^