happy day

ytd night me go 庙会 c tio 老夫子 n 大番薯 they n two dancer dance break , so funny ...many ppl at thr so hot after 庙会 we go c concert ,so lucky i c genie 卓文宣,daniel 李杰汉 n 神木与瞳 at thr !!!! when 神木与瞳 come out ... all ppl high!!!they sing 为你而活 n 守护者 thn finish le ...me oso back i m so happy cn c 神木与瞳 sing !!!xD 2day night wan go c 游行 nth to say le, bye


boring day

long time no write blog le ...
2day so sienz ,after go sch back so tired but still nid go ttn!!!!!
at ttn always ''tu ku'' but teacher dunoe ...2day ttn trelyon n adrian no go me so boring at thr ...ytd night go ou eat ...walao e tat italy mee so big size me on ppl cnot eat finish TT

last week noe new frdz le ...pretty girl lai d ...dun say me ham sap ...all boy oso tat d xD


sad day

2day bm period we while class go 'pah jiam' .when me waiting at outside me got a litle scare,scare ltr pain or not...
but tis time 'pah jiam' not so pain ...got a bit pain nia...thn when kah dong 'pah jiam' kah dong shout at there...so kuai lan...
thn chun ti so funny ,after finish 'pah jiam' he dunoe ,still stand at there steam steam d...make me laugh ^^
thn after sch me nid stay at sch to ttn...but me ponteng n back to home sleep...den me wake up...i feel my hand so pain...
nth to say le .bye bye xD